Quality Policy

Quality encompasses everything we do, we are committed to driving excellence across CastAlum, for all customers and business partners using our " good to great ", leadership standards and business plan.

We aim to produce "Best in Class" products encompassing recognized Environmental and Quality standards.

By building quality awareness and competencies to empower employees to develop and maintain ongoing continuous improvement initiatives, focusing on waste reduction and defect prevention both internally and from within the supply chain.

Environmental Policy

CastAlum currently manufacture high pressure/squeeze Cast and machined aluminium components for the automotive industry. The company will comply with all relevant UK, EU and Global statutory environmental compliance obligations.

In committing to achieve this performance standard, the Company has identified various operational and management objectives which are critical to minimizing the potential of non compliance with environmental legislation and initiatives.

CastAlum have undertaken that we will monitor all of our operations and ensure that all our employees, through training and ongoing review and information passage will understand/implement the environmental objectives and targets.

CastAlum are committed to ongoing improvements to our environmental management system to:

  • Minimize the environmental impact of its operation by preventing pollution via a program of continuous improvement.
  • Monitor and control the use of energy (Using energy efficient and low pollution technology when available.)
  • Control the levels of waste and promote re-use or recycling.
CastAlum will:
  • Copies of our environmental policy are retained in reception for distribution on request to any interested parties.
M. Simpson, Quality Director
K. Meredith, MD
P. Radcliffe, Chairman

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